Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who On Earth Nominated Takondwa in BBA3??

After Uti’s mega tantrum just a day earlier, the housemates were eager to nominate him and it’s no surprise that he’s up for eviction again. For once I agree with Mimi who nominated him. The guy could harm someone and he needs to go and relax. The pressure seems too much for him and when there is no furniture to smash, his blows could land on the nearest housemate. Mimi also nominated Hazel because she feels there is something fishy about her.

Sheila the perennial nominator of Morris did it again. For the same reason she has given for weeks. She still feels he does not fit in the group. She also thinks that Hazel is hiding something and also needs to go. Girls, what do you want Hazel to do? She’s just mostly quite and mild mannered come on!

The house has not been the same since Tawana came back from the dumpsite. So thinks Ricco. For this reason he things she needs to go. He was also among the not too clever housemates who nominated Takondwa knowing only too well that as head of house, he would pick one of them and put them up for possible eviction. And indeed Takondwa replaced himself with Ricco. Mathematics was never easy. Sheila wondered aloud later how come some housemates were stupid enough to nominate Takondwa. Same here Sheila. Someone even said Biggie must have confiscated their brains when he crammed them all into the penthouse.

Several of the housemates have felt the pressure of being up for possible eviction. Thami, Tawana, Ricco, Morris, Sheila, TK and Uti. It’s for that reason that Thami decided to give Mimi and Munya a chance to experience what it feels like to be in that place; so he nominated them both. He made it sound like he was doing them a favour. He probably was because those who have been there say that it made them much stronger.

Tawana thinks Mimi is lazy. She also thinks Morris is violent and you can’t tell what he’ll do next. But Tawana we don’t usually know what people will do next come on! And I thought Mimi is always cooking. But all the same I’d love to see Mimi undergo some nomination pressure. Otherwise she’s showing signs of feeling indispensable.

Uti’s tantrum came back to haunt him again as Takondwa nominated him and sited that as his reason. True Takondwa. Violence has no place in such an enclosed environment. He also thought Thami should go for refusing to help in group tasks.

Morris nominated Ricco because he’s a strong contender and therefore a threat and Takondwa for being emotionless. Dear Morris, the guy is a thug. He’s on record saying that he’s not a gangster he’s a thug. He’s singlehandedly responsible for giving Lucille to Africa. Whatever emotions do you expect from a thug? Or from any other dude for that matter?

Hazel thinks Ricco should go for being childish and Munya for some reason I didn’t quite get unfortunately.

Munya picked Uti because that’s the first name that came to his mind, and Takondwa because he took out his guardian angel, the only person who made him stay in the house bla bla bla yidi yada yada. Now that is emotional thinking. But Lucille had not quite come into his corner so I really don’t know what he was harping about. He started the game well but now I think he’s putting on some fake emotions. He also tried to break things albeit on a smaller scale compared to Nwachuku. And the pacing made him look like he could explode at any moment.

Uti looked bored to death in the diary room during nominations. He clearly didn’t want to do much thinking either. He nominated Munya because it’s the first name that came to his mind and he would not be evicted anyway, and Takondwa because he could always save himself. In short he did not nominate anyone.

Big Brother has got a bunch of loonies this time round. Now the latest fad is to plan a strike against biggie. Never mind that they did all the planning with their microphones on. If they wanted to strike then a hunger strike would have been more like it. But they did strike against KB by refusing to answer him. The strike is yet to materialize on a full scale – cowards!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lucille Out Of BBA3

That Lucille has been voted out of the Big Brother house is hardly surprising. But I was shocked that she was voted out by a whole 11 countries! It's like Africa was just waiting for her to be given to them. One may be tempted t blame Takondwa for putting her on the line but that would be unfair. Africa had 3 people to chose from and they chose to kick out Lucille. And by a very very wide margin for that matter. 11 countries! Just like Latoya was voted out by 11 countries. So what is it that viewers dont like? Dumb blondes?

It was Uti's sick meltdown that is rather disturbing. The guy went completely ballistic breaking glass and ripping off the glass house blinds! After going back to the house he embarked on another breaking spree kicking big brother's tables to the floor. He may be entertaining and all but the violent streak he showed is uncomfotable - and he was not even the one evicted. So what is this guy capable of if he's under more pressure than today's? And we can be sure pressure will build up some more. Such a character should not be allowed to stay among people in an enclosed area such as the big brother house. Who knows what his next meltdown will entail?

There is a funeral mood in the house that prompted Tawana to ask Hazel whether the mood in the house was that bad when she and Latoya left the house.

Uti's meltdown is now over and he's in a cleaning mood now. And he also attempted to assemble what he dismantled in his mad fit. I think he should be personally charged for the damage. And he should be kicked out by big brother himself for violence.

Munya paced and paced and Morris too was showing signs of joining the pacing.

Mimi cried her lungs out and Ricco too cried as expected.

Sheila looked shaken but moved on soon after.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Latoya Out Of Big Brother Africa 3

So Latoya is finally out of the house and now the game has finally started. The house had began to become a bit of a bore for me but not any more. Our Kid sorry for the dry spell.

In her words, Latoya would have wanted to go back to the house because she believes that is where her destiny lies. She’ll find her true self and change Africa. Change Africa? What a way to change Africa. Too bad she got evicted before she could go back and realize those dreams. The fact that Africa voted so overwhelmingly against her is proof enough that her behavior rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Eleven countries wanted her out. Anyway after eviction she declared that her ambition is to be famous and successful and Big Brother was one of her platforms. Good luck Latoya.

Tawana would have wanted to go back to the house so that she could get a chance to come out of her shell. The housemates were obviously shocked to see her and they felt played more than ever.

Then it was time for the dreaded nominations.

Uti nominated Hazel because she’s cool and everyone likes her and Takondwa for calling him a coward. And something to do with cigarettes.

Mimi nominated Hazel because she’s boring and they’re not close. She also thought Uti should go because he’s selfish, greedy and does not listen. He’s a control freak.

Hazel nominated Mimi right back for not being tolerant, and Takondwa for talking too much about weed.

Sheila nominated Hazel because she feels everyone else has been able to get into the game except her (Hazel). She thought Morris too should go because he’s the least entertaining. Polite way of saying he’s boring.

Ricco nominated Tawana because the house had already spent one week without her anyway. He nominated Takondwa because he can save himself.

Tawana nominated Ricco right back for some reason I did not quite get and Mimi because when she (Tawana) came back into the house, Mimi looked confused.

Morris nominated Munya because they don’t get along well and Ricco for the single purpose of eliminating the competition.

Lucille nominated Sheila because she does not know where she stands with her. Sometimes she’s nice to her and sometimes she does not talk to her. Lucille the girl is gangster! She also nominated Uti for being immature and argumentative.

Takondwa wants Lucille and Uti out because they don’t contribute to group tasks. Look who’s talking!

Munya wants Takondwa out because he feels he’s manipulating him somehow. Also Ricco because he’s not sure he’s genuine.

As expected, Takondwa saved himself and put Lucille’s name up for possible evictions. Something along the lines of defending his ass with a woman. Not very macho but with $100,000 on the line, the guy can be excused. So Lucille, Ricco and Uti could leave the house on Sunday. Uti may be lazy, immature and irritating but the game still needs him. He cracks people up and can be very funny. As far as I’m concerned, either one of Lucille and Ricco can go it wont make much difference.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BBA3 Housemates take on Global Warming

‘I’ve learned a lot about global warming. Cold currents become warm currents which means certain fish can’t live in them. So the countries lose money. It’s the same as in this house……………………………’ oh yeah?

‘I think it’s happening fast. More in industrialized countries when they pollute the air so they direct sun rays that are dangerous to earth and the ice that we have in the oceans’.

‘Someone should look out and realize the environment needs to be safeguarded. That’s what we’re trying to do’.

‘When you ask nations to slug on industries, you put them in a position where they have to sacrifice their way of life. Honestly I think Africa has the secret to sustainable energy and a lot of money should be pumped into sustainable energy. Clean sustainable energy. I don’t think nuclear energy is the solution’. He refers biggie to Al-Gore’s documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. ‘It’s not just a myth. The fact that the rainy seasons have changed and the temperatures are visibly changing around us means our planet is trying to tell us something’.

Unfortunately I missed Sheila’s but she gave an example of Kenya’s Nobel Prize Winner Wangari Maathai and her relentless fight against environmental degradation and carbon emissions. She gave a solid explanation in short.

I didn’t get for any other of the housemates either. But I’d have wanted to hear what the house newspaper Wilhelmina had to say about global warming. And Latoya too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Miss Thang Latoya Out Of BBA3

Miss Thang. The Chocolate Queen. Cleopatra. Prima Donna. Gift to mankind. Mistress of feminine wiles. Latoya is out of the big brother house and is currently living in a rubbish bin. Even before she could overcome the shock of learning that Ricco did not save her from possible eviction, she also has to live in conditions she’s never lived in before. While Tawana immediately accepted her situation and went on a treasure hunt in the rubbish bin, Latoya chose to bitch around and act a complete brat. But only for some time.

She soon turned around and adopted a better attitude. Having been voted out by 10 countries, I think Latoya’s goose is cooked. The little that was left to still cook she destroyed with her reaction to the rubbish bin.

The girl has a lot to grapple with. The possibility of being the first evictee out of the house cannot possibly sit well with her especially with the confidence she seemed to exude. The idea that Ricco did not save her – she must be wondering how could he not?! Anyway, we better start liking Tawana and her voice. All indications are that she’s going back into the house.

I never thought for a moment that Sheila would leave. It’s said that nomination and near eviction makes a housemate stronger and I hope it works that way for Sheila. Let her look at what she’s doing wrong and correct. If it’s a question of laziness, what is cleaning a few dishes for the prize as big as 100,000 dollars?

Mimi why why why Mimi? Why the undersize clothes and the cleavage in the jeans? Why? That’s baaaad! Aaarrrgh!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Real Nominations BBA3

Shock of all shocks Morris nominated Thami! One would think there was some sort of eviction brotherhood when they found themselves played together by Big Brother. Now you know and have proved it ain’t family Morris. Lol this is one evil game! He also nominated Sheila because she haunts him with her flaring temper and too much profanity. Ok Sheila may be all this but haunting? Give us a break! Unless you’re a haunted soul already.

So our girl Sheila Kwamboka is up for possible evictions. My guess (I could be wrong of course) is she and Tawana will go to the rubbish bin as Kabelo calls it, then Tawana will be sent home and Sheila will come back into the house. But for Botswana to be first to be eliminated again after Justice …..…..

By the time Sheila gets back into the house she will have had enough time to guess why other housemates would nominate her and hopefully she’ll up her game. I’m almost sure she knows that laziness cannot possibly sit well with a lot of people.

Latoya who seems to think she’s God’s gift to men has an evil plan up her weave. She has realized that Morris and cry baby Ricco are getting close and she plans to drive a wedge between them. Just when we thought that jumping from Morris to Ricco’s in the space of days was bad enough.

Other than that the other nominations were rather predictable.

  • Tawana nominated Lucille because she’s too emotional and finds something to cry about every two days. She also nominated Thami for obvious reasons.

  • Lucille nominated Tawana because she’s always complaining and Latoya because she gets angry and keeps it all inside.

  • Takonda nominated Uti for having a negative impact on the group and not wanting to participate in tasks and Latoya because she speaks when not required and then feels neglected or something like that.

  • Mimi nominated Uti for being lazy, authoritative and always wanting to do what he wants. Also nominated Sheila for being lazy, pushy and annoying.

  • Uti nominated Munya because he just exists. Otherwise he has no beef with him. He also nominated Latoya for playing with people’s emotions.

  • Hazel nominated Munya for hiding alcohol and Mimi for bragging about her biochemistry degree during tasks.

  • Munya nominated Hazel for no particular reason and Latoya for messing his nails.

  • Ricco nominated Hazel because she’s a strong housemate and Tawana because she was starting to miss home and was having one too many run ins with other housemates.

  • Thami nominated Tawana for the Saturday fight and Sheila to get back at her for nominating him the previous week.

  • Sheila nominated Morris because he still does not fit in the group and Tawana for being too bossy and having run ins like the one on Saturday with Thami.

  • Latoya nominated Sheila for being too much. Ordering everyone around and thinking she’s some sort of queen. She also nominated Tawana for being in the wrong place.

Latoya is probably taking it for granted that Ricco saved her so she’ll be in for a shock when she realizes that he did not. I wonder what she’ll do then – jump to someone else’s bed?

Fake Evictions Big Brother Africa III

The fake eviction show got a fake opening with some bad music from Nazizi, Wyre and Bebe Cool. That was horrendous! It looked like a bad choir and was only spiced up by the dancers. Even the audience looked bored. But all the same there’s something not quite right with the BBA sound engineering this time especially the live shows. But that can still not be the excuse for that performance.

Other than the poor opening, the whole fake eviction thing played out to be an unfair game. Twists are welcome to break the monotony especially now that all the tasks suck big time. But to show the evictees their enemies and then send them back into the house? And then to leave them hanging not knowing what is what? Even a whole hour after the fake evictions, they were still waiting for some word from Biggie. For one he gave Morris and Thami an advantage over the rest of the group. And then he’ll ensure bad blood for as long as they’re in there. And then they’ll have people to target every time they nominate.

Is biggie mistreating the housemates? They’re smoking tea bags, have to beg for salt and the girls are washing their faces with shampoo. They housemates are complaining that the previous year’s lot was treated much better. Cigarettes he could say maybe he wants their lungs to stay clean and healthy, but soap? Come on biggie what next?

Just before being sent back into the house, Thami promised to be more extreme, more unpredictable and to make everybody suffer. What a dark promise! And what a strategy if at all. Other than that, if he had left the house he’d miss Lucille most because she’s the best to look at. Nothing more than that. Thami is not very likable but he adds a crooked element to the show. Somewhat like Justice did in BBA2.

Morris after finding out who nominated him lamented that it was not a family any more. It never was a family dude! It’s battle or as Sheila put it at the start of the show, it’s war. Everyone wants the money. He sulked and paced and sulked and paced and boasted that he’s a professional and cannot keep up appearances just to please people. Keep up the professionalism dude. Unfortunately it may not get you anywhere. Understandably, he’s annoyed at Big Brother for embarrassing him and playing with his head in front of millions. But the way he sprinted back into the house showed otherwise. The guy needs a thicker skin for games like this.

Sheila, whose strategy seems to be to project a gangster image prefers to date white men because they respect their women more than their African counterparts. And she had to say that in front of million of potential African male voters. Hope they’ll have forgotten that little detail by the time she gets nominated. But the girl is truly the life of the party and her absence or silence is very noticeable. She loves to talk but she’s informed. That’s a good combination unlike someone just blabbering about things they barely understand. She better reduce on the yadayadayada otherwise she’ll start sounding like Maureen with her bla bla bla.

Somebody please get Mimi clothes that fit! The girl seems to have picked undersize clothes from her little sister’s wardrobe. In the meantime she should please spare us the unnecessary cleavage in the wrong places! Takondwa too needs to be arrested by the fashion police. Ok it’s not a fashion competition but maan! That sweater looks like a caterpillar or some other creepy crawly.

Latoya’s game plan is wicked and will most probably blow up in her face. You don’t just play around with people’s heads and hearts like that. Feminine wiles go hand in hand with some other thing – like some sort of intelligence. But just the wiles on their own they may not get you much.